New IBSA factory

New IBSA factory

  • PROJECT: Nuovo stabilimento IBSA – Institut Biochimique SA
  • ARCHITECT: Christophe Direito Almeida
  • CUSTOMER: IBSA – Institut Biochimique SA
  • FACADE AREA: 4.100 m2


The project developed for the IBSA company in Lugano is part of the expansion program of the Ticino factory. The new and modern factory, which will be equipped with the most sophisticated production equipment in the pharmaceutical field, is under construction in the industrial area of southern Lugano.

The products used by MTS to materialize the architectural concept include both traditional materials used in the field of curtain walls and “custom” creations specially developed to solve the static and thermal problems required by the project.

The peculiarity of the construction lies in aluminum cells having a height of more than eight meters made with a single double-chamber glass with a total weight of more than one ton.