Galfa Tower in Milan

Galfa Tower in Milan

  • PROJECT: Torre Galfa a Milano
  • ARCHITECT: Maurice Kanah di Bg&k Associati
  • CLIENT: CMB Cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi
  • FACADE SURFACE: 12.500 m2


The urban redevelopment of the Galfa Tower in Milan is part of the process of renewing the image of the city of Milan. The final destination includes the establishment of a new -four stars- hotel for the first 14 floors and a residential destination for the remaining building.

The intervention managed in ATI by Metalsigma and Giuliani, designed by the architect Maurice Kanah, restored the outer shell of the 30-storey tower.

The complete functional regeneration of the building includes a cellular aluminum facade with high-performance glass in the perspective of a global energy improvement of the building. The sky restaurant on the top floor of the tower is very impressive with windows over six meters high and the fully glazed cube located in the main entrance area.